Spiritual Reminders - Every Soul's Journey Into Light
Welcome to Spiritual Reminders!
May you find all the answers your soul is seeking.

Hello, my name is Wallace, and I am a spiritual healer and intuitive reader.

If you are reading these words chances are you have been brought here because you have questions about your life that are asking you to look beyond what you know, rise above the choices you have made, and look at who you really are, what you really feel and where your heart truly wishes to guide you.

Life is a beautiful exploration of adventures, but to many it may feel like there is nothing but circling around the same old things, patterns, people, places, and emotions. It is easy to forget who we are when we spend so much of our time trying to make ends meet, working for the satisfaction of others, or answering the demands that are placed before us, be they work, relationships, or our self-imposed "commitments".

In the hectic days of our lives, we may feel like we lose sight of who we are, what we are doing, and where we actually wish to go. What is it that makes us happy?

Realizing that you may feel this way is the first step in becoming aware of your deep "inner" world, and what it tries to tell you about yourself. This is the first step in glimpsing that you are Spirit, living in a body, and having a Human experience.

Perhaps it is time for a Spiritual Reminder?