Spiritual Reminders - Every Soul's Journey Into Light
Approach: Recognizing Your Divine Light

All readings and healings are done in the highest good for all involved, you, the person asking, and me, the person serving as a communicating messenger between you and your higher self.

I will be as clear and direct as the answers I get grant me the wisdom to do. Since I work mostly from intuition and clairaudience, many of those answer will come from divine insight and a few will come from your personal guides and your higher self.

All readings are confidential. Your life is your own, and the choice to share your thoughts and feelings remains with you at all times.

I hold no judgments on your choices and circumstances. We are all human, and the divine plan is far larger and loving than we understand. You are a divine being, and I see you in your highest light.

I recognize your individual divinity and light, and endeavor to support your free will. As such, I will not tell you what to do because this would take responsibility for your life out of your hands. I provide insight into any influence, attachments, unconscious mental or emotional patterns, or any unspoken agreements that may be present to you and others related to you, so you may arrive at positive decisions for yourself.

It is not my specialty to review the possibilities of the future. While I can look in that direction, such information frequently changes what you think or expect, and so changes those very possibilities. Ultimately, you are responsible for your life, and how you respond to the events in it.

Personal Responsibility and Disclaimer

All readings and healings are intended to support you in your personal growth and divine insight, assisting you at arriving at your own decisions and helping you to create a life you love. All information given in a reading is communicated to the best of my ability, and is uniquely yours. Your interpretation and best judgement is your best guide on how to use the information for your greatest good.

Intuitive readings and healings are able to grant insight into life, thoughts and emotions, but they are no substitutes for well-informed professional services by qualified practitioners. If you have specific personal, legal, financial, or medical needs, please consult someone who is trained in providing such assistance.

Remember: you are the only divine authority in your life, and all communication is intended for your spiritual growth and remembrance. You retain all responsibility for any actions or decisions that you choose to take based on a reading.