Spiritual Reminders - Every Soul's Journey Into Light
About: Myself And What I Love To Do
"Look beyond the circumstances of the moment and observe life through the lens of the larger picture. It is only then that you will understand where you are and where you're headed."

I am a practiced journeyman clairvoyant healer. My path has led me through studies with the Golden Dawn, Reiki, and finally to the Intuitive Meditation practices and philosophies of Lewis Bostwick and the Berkeley Psychic Institute, via the guidance and teachings of True Insight.

My intuitive skills are in:

If you have questions about life, career, love, your passions, or anything else that you would like to address or review, I can help you recognize what stands between you and your goal. You may have emotional attachments that are old or outdated. There may be energy blocks, unfavorable ways of thinking, unconscious patterns, or even other people's energies in your soul space, interfering or distracting you.

I specialize in reviewing the deeper meanings and reasons for the circumstances in your life, and that is where I focus my healings and readings. Reviewing and understanding these energies will help you to move them out and open the way for you to forge your own spiritual path.

If you are interested in creating something new for yourself, releasing the same old patterns, breaking away from the old ways and recreating yourself into a new you, come and speak to me.

"I see you in your highest light, in your greatest divine potential."